You’ve decided that the Jaguar F-PACE is the right SUV to take you around Westlake and beyond but now you need to decide what is the proper way to go about finding one that fits your budget. Buying a new SUV is nice because you would own the vehicle outright and you would have the ability to do with it as you please. The pitfalls of owning mean you have larger monthly payments and you’re often locked into longer auto loans, which means you don’t have the freedom to upgrade as often as you might like.

That’s why we love to talk about the lease option available at our dealership! We take pride in the knowledgeable members who work in our finance department and their ability to demonstrate the value of a Jaguar lease to drivers from Westlake and beyond!

Benefits of Leasing a Jaguar F-PACE

When you lease a new Jaguar model from Jaguar Thousand Oaks, you’ll experience the benefits immediately. You often will pay a lower down payment than if you were to buy your new car or SUV. You might not even owe anything at all, up front! Monthly payments are typically lower because you’re paying for the depreciation of the Jaguar SUV which makes your budgetary decisions easier to manage.

You’ll also benefit from access to the latest technology with up to date models and any routine maintenance will be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty under the terms of the lease.

Leasing a Jaguar F-PACE will allow you access to a luxurious SUV without the worry of needing to pay more initially and per month. If you’d like to learn more, swing by Jaguar Thousand Oaks and we’ll sit down with you to show you the cost you would pay each month. Take your favorite model out for a test drive today!

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