From Moorpark to Westlake Village, drivers who are looking for the most efficient SUV will find the answer with the electric vehicle options at Jaguar of Thousand Oaks. Specifically, the Jaguar I-PACE is an ideal fit for drivers who want to maximize comfort and space without sacrificing efficiency or capability. There are many benefits to enjoy about an electric vehicle, especially when you want to cut down on your reliance on the gas pump.

First and foremost, drivers in Malibu consistently do their driving in the California area, which takes vehicle emissions very seriously. Gas-powered vehicles should be able to pass emission inspections, but electric-powered engines don’t have that same worry. Without dependence on gas and oil, the Jaguar inventory helps avoid those situations.

An electric engine, by design, is perfect for drivers in Agoura Hills who want to avoid extra maintenance costs when it comes to their SUV. From engine oil that needs to be replaced and other lubricants that the moving engine parts require, you need to keep a constant eye on routine maintenance requirements. An electric vehicle doesn't need the same maintenances, so you can save money with fewer maintenance needs.

It's convenient to charge your electric vehicle, as it does so efficiently and quickly. Gas-powered engines don't require you to charge a battery, but they do need more frequent stops at the gas pump, which you'll need to find a gas station to fill up. No weighty gas tank slows down the Jaguar electric vehicle lineup, so your Simi Valley driving experience isn't interrupted as often.

There are many more benefits to an electric vehicle, but if you want an upgrade to your initial driving experience, the Jaguar I-PACE is the perfect match. Swing by Jaguar of Thousand Oaks and check out our available inventory!

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